Mayes' sister: 'I think he was getting ready to kill the girls'

Adam Mayes
Adam Mayes

(WMC-TV) - Pamela Bain, the sister of kidnapper Adam Mayes, is also the ex-wife of the victims' father, Gary Bain. She opened up to Action News 5 about her brother, their family, and her feelings about the case.

Adam was Pamela's younger brother. Adam met the Bain family when Pamela married Gary Bain 30 years ago. The couple split in 2002.

Gary Bain remarried and Pamela said that Adam became obsessed with Bain's new family.

"I feel sorry Jo Ann and Adrienne had to lose their lives because my brother wasn't right in the head, and he wasn't smart enough to reach out for help," expressed Pamela.

She said her brother endured years of physical and mental abuse by their parents. She said that, on top of his longing for a "normal" life, likely pushed him over the edge.

"I expected one of my brothers and sisters to snap, always expected it," she said.

Investigators say Mayes killed Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain at their home, before kidnapping Alexandria and Kyliyah.

He killed himself in the woods near his home after a two week manhunt.

Pamela believes that he had planned the same fate for the two young girls.

"I think he was getting ready to kill the girls because they said on the news that they found him and the girls, that he was down on his knees and they were face down in the leaves, I think he was getting ready to kill them because he didn't want them to be taken from him," she explained.

Pamela told Action News 5's Justin Hanson her brother coveted the Bain family because he wanted children of his own and that his wife, Teresa, who is now in jail on murder charges, could not have children.

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