Memphis in May 2012 could break records

(WMC-TV) - It is a much different sight for the competing teams in this year's Memphis in May BBQ cooking contest.

After last year's floods, they are now back on familiar territory in Tom Lee Park.

"We love it, no rain, humidity fairly low, beautiful," says Sow Luau team member Susan Boles.

"May, it rains, Memphis in May is mud fest. Not this year, it's good," adds cooker Bryce Phillips from Marion, AR.

Displaced last year to Tiger Lane because of the floods, this year's teams are glad to be back in Tom Lee Park.

Some teams like Sow Luau have seen it all.

"We've been here since before sidewalks, no electricity, no lights...everybody running off a generator...lots of memories here on the river," continues Boles.

For Carlos Ding Ding, known as Chef Ding Ding, getting to this year's contest was no easy feat!

"I traveled 21 hours from Manila, to Japan, to Detroit, to here," says Chef Ding Ding.

Traveling from this year's honored country of the Philippines, Chef Ding Ding is a hotel chef back home and fixes his BBQ a little different that we Southerners.

"We're using garlic, most Philippines use garlic, lemon grass, and onions," continues the chef.

So whether or not the secret's in the sauce, or whether its ribs, shoulder or whole hog, this year's contest just might go down in the record books thanks to the big crowds and the great weather.

"Hey man, go big or go home, let's get in with the big boys," Phillips adds.