Neighbors: Condition of old Raleigh mall is an embarrassment

(WMC-TV) - Shelby County residents are outraged over the condition of a mall in their neighborhood.

They want big changes and they want them now.

These days, the mall is barely occupied and while management is struggling to keep it alive, people in the community say it is retail at its worst.

Some shoppers dream of living within walking distance of a mall. But for Pat Currie, the Raleigh Springs Mall is her nightmare.

"We are so upset that the condition of the mall in the area is probably going to cause our property value to go down," said Currie.

Currie lives just behind the back side of the property, which is a lifeless ghost town.

County officials say people are using the vacant land as a dumping ground. Grassy islands are overcome with weeds.

When it opened in 1971, Raleigh Springs was one of the only two shopping malls in Memphis.

As other malls opened, business suffered. By 2003, every anchor store had moved out.

The abandoned land also attracted crime. Last month, police said two men set up shop in an empty swing and spent months stripping the copper out of the building.

Count Spokesperson Steven Shular said it is the mall management's responsibility to maintain the grounds and by law, they have to make sure first floor windows and doors are secured. Shular says he regularly checks on this property and is trying to work with the mall manager to get it cleaned up.

Pat Currie is anxious to see some changes.

"You know we've already exhausted all the means that we could we didn't know what else to do so I decided to email you and see what you could do," said Currie.

Action News 5 was able to do something. After making calls to the county, they sent inspectors out to walk the property. They issued the mall a weed violation.

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