Neighbors respond to allegations of South Memphis mom accused of child abuse

(WMC-TV) - Neighbors cannot figure out how a mother who lived in their apartment community could be accused of abusing her two year-old daughter weeks after the TN Department of Children's Services was alerted to possible abuse involving her four year-old son.

"If she did something to the first child, quite naturally she might do something to the second child," said neighbor Linda Brown.

"What if that baby had died?" said neighbor Sabrina Davis. "Should have taken them away the first time," she added.

21 year-old Ashley Bradshaw was arrested Wednesday and charged with burning her daughter in a scolding hot bath tub. The injuries were so severe the child remains at LeBonheur Children's Hospital some three weeks later.

Abuse allegations involving Bradshaw's son were under investigation at the time her daughter was injured. However, DCS contends there was no way of predicting additional problems.

"Our staff was working at that time to gather information and determine the needed services or placement for the children," said DCS spokesperson Molly Sudderth.

"There are problems with every single system," said Exchange Club Family Center director Barbara King.

She said the state usually removes children from homes only when there is immediate danger.

"They've got a huge load they have to contend with and they don't get it perfect every time," said King. "But nobody does.  But they're trying their best."

A lot can happen in the 60 days the state has to investigate abuse claims.

There are no details on the abuse allegations involving Ashley Bradshaw's son. So far, she is only charged with abusing her daughter. Brashaw's bond is set at $100,000.

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