President helps Memphis teen get into college

(WMC-TV) – Many of you may remember the young man who made even President Barack Obama beam with pride when he introduced the of the Commander in Chief during the 2011 Booker T. Washington High School graduation ceremony.

We wondered what that young man is up to now.

"It was a life changing experience. I got a chance to meet the president and we became closer than I thought," said Christopher Dean, who introduced the president at his high school graduation.

Christopher said at the time of the graduation, he knew he wanted to go to college. He just did not know how he was going to get there.

He said that commencement introduction led to interviews with news organizations from around the world. That eventually led to a presidential invitation to intern at the White House and eventually…

"They decided, you know, we gonna put you up in somebody's school, and you gonna go through school and you gonna accomplish your goals," said Christopher.

Christopehr says his late application to Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee, got a presidential boost.

"And President Obama wrote me a letter, that's how I knew I was going to this school," he said.

Christopher said he is grateful for the help he has gotten and cannot even imagine where he would be without it.

"I'm not saying I'd be somewhere selling drugs, because that's not me, at all. I think it would just be a little bit harder for me to do what I want to do," he said. "When I accomplish my goals, I'm gonna be the person coming back to see a young man hopefully meeting another president at Booker T. Washington High School and I'm gonna step into his life, or her life, and say 'I'm gonna be there to help put you through school. You gonna accomplish your goals.'"

Christopher will spend a good part of his summer vacation giving back to the community. He will take classes and work with the Education Corporation, work on a project with a local newspaper, and before heading back to Lane College for his sophomore year of school, he hopes to start up or at least kick off a Memphis campaign headquarters for his favorite politician, President Barack Obama.

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