Police chief recovers after Friday night shooting

(WMC-TV) - Bill Garrett has been the police chief in Friendship for nearly 20 years.

His family says he is looking forward to getting back to the job he loves so much, after being shot while shopping with his wife Friday night.

In just a few weeks, Garrett will celebrate his 53rd birthday, and his family is already planning a big celebration.

"He's talking, very coherent, being himself...he's a cut up. He likes to cut up and if he's cutting up, you know he's doing alright," says son Joe Garrett.

Chief Garrett, the city's only full time cop, is being called a hero after trying to stop an armed robbery at the Dollar General store Friday night.

"He was talking then, he talked to us that night," Joe said.

Joe says his dad remembers every detail of that night.

The unarmed chief and his wife were just doing some shopping at the store, which is less than a mile from their home.

That's when Craig Barbee walked in wearing a mask, armed with a gun, and demanded money.

Chief Garrett stepped in, and got into a fight with Barbee.

That's when the chief was shot in the stomach.

"It nicked him in the liver, but that was the only thing it touched of any importance. The good Lord was watching over him," Joe added.

The chief is already up and walking at The MED.

His wife is still too emotional to speak on camera but passed this message on through her son.

"We just want to say we're very thankful for everybody that's called and checked on us and done things for us, for the prayers and support," said Joe.

Chief Garrett's family isn't sure just when he'll be released from The MED.

A bank fund is set up to help Chief Garrett's family with expenses. Donations can be made at the Friendship Tennessee Bank at 574 Main Street.

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