Alleged victim of convicted video voyeur speaks out

(WMC-TV) – A traveling Mid-South minister who pleaded guilty to spying on women during their most private moments is considered a "wolf in sheep's clothing" by his alleged victims.

One of the women he is accused of catching on camera broke her silence to Action News 5.

Sammy Nuckolls traveled the world spreading the gospel. But prosecutors say his ministry was a front for his deeper devotion of video voyeurism.

"They call it visual rape and the repercussions are similar to rape," said alleged victim Ashley Fisher.

Last month, Nuckolls pleaded guilty to secretly videotaping women up their skirts, undressing, in the nude, in the shower. He used a hidden pen camera during religious revivals in Arkansas.

He is accused of doing the same thing in Mississippi, where next week, he will have to answer to 13 additional charges. An addition charge for each alleged victim.

Ashley Fisher is one of them.

"It warns so many times in the Bible of wolves in sheep's clothing," she said.

Fisher and her husband, Adam, who is also a worship pastor, met Nuckolls and his wife in Olive Branch.

The couples became best friends. They traveled together, shared a passion for ministry and admired Nuckolls' Christian influence on young people.

"Every time I was with him at a camp, every time I heard him speak, his message was right," Ashley said.

What the Fishers did not know, was that during their five and a half year friendship, investigators say Nuckolls was using a spy pen to videotape Ashley during her most private moments.

"The first time that I was filmed was the first time that I was in their home ever," she said. "It's something that you can't detect, that you have no idea it's going on."

It was a shocking betrayal that rocked the Fishers' faith to its core.

"We just never made the connection that we thought it could be us, we were so close," said Ashley. "We've had to deal with a whole lot of different emotions."

The Fishers worried going public would contradict what their faith teaches about forgiveness.

"You have to forgive people for what they've done to you and pray that the Lord will change their heart," she said. "I have to come before the Lord every morning and forgive again and choose to live in that forgiveness. It's not a one-time choice."

They say the seriousness of Nuckolls' crimes compelled them to warn others.

"We just want to bring awareness of video voyeurism and that it's not something to be swept under the rug," said Ashley.

For his crimes in Arkansas, Nuckolls was fined $1,400 and placed on the Mississippi sex offender registry. He will not serve jail time. He is a free man.

But judgment day in Mississippi is coming and Ashley Fisher has a message for the flocks who believed in Sammy Nuckolls before his fall from grace.

"There are thousands of people that knew and looked up to this man that he's let down, that we are still holding on to our faith and we would like to beg people to do that too," encouraged Ashley.

Nuckolls has until May 31 to decide whether to accept a plea deal and plead guilty to 13 counts of video voyeurism in DeSoto County.

If he rejects the deal, his trial will begin June 25.

Nuckolls could face five years in prison for each count DeSoto County if he is convicted. He previously pleaded not guilty to the charges.

In April, police in a third state, Texas, announced that they were also investigating a similar complaint against Nuckolls.

The Baptist Press reports Nuckolls was a featured speaker at as many as 100 Southern Baptist youth gatherings each year.

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