Memphis has cheapest gas in the country

(WMC-TV) - According to the Lundberg survey, the Bluff City has the cheapest gas in the United States.

"Maybe we'll get below 3 dollars," said one Memphis driver.

Most agree prices could stand to go down more, even though on average the Memphis area has seen a significant drop going into the summer driving season. In the last six weeks, gas prices have fallen more than 18 cents.

"I thought it was great," said a Memphis driver. "Great that Memphis finally got a break."

Currently, the cheapest gas in town can be had at Sam's Club and Costco.

"It's the cheapest place in town it's the cheapest place in the country so why not wait in line for it," said a Memphis driver.

It's nice," said a recent high school graduate. "I cut corners as much as I can and this is when I can. It's nice."

While Memphis is paying 3:16 a gallon, the national average is 3:78 a gallon.

The most expensive gas is in San Francisco, where they are paying over 4 dollars a gallon.

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