Woman arrested after instructing child to walk across six lanes of traffic

Dianna Foster
Dianna Foster

(WMC-TV) - A 9-year-old was seen walking across a busy Memphis street and now her aunt is facing child endangerment charges for letting it happen.

Dianna Foster was trying to offer help to someone in need and while it may have been a kind gesture, police say the execution is what landed her behind bars.

At Interstate 240 and Perkins Road, police watched as a child crossed six lanes of heavy traffic on foot.

According to a police affidavit, the 9-year-old girl was walking with a "stumbling, older intoxicated male of no relation."

Police say the young girl was only following her aunt's instructions. She was told to take the drunk man to the gas station to make sure he got there safely.

Officers went to the home of the girl's aunt, Dianna Foster, to follow up. Foster was nowhere to be found.

Police waited 45 minutes before she finally came home. That was when Foster was arrested and charged with misdemeanor child abuse and neglect.

Marcus Cochran walks that stretch of road often. He cannot believe Foster would let this happen.

"I'm sorry that whatever happened, happened. But she should've been smarter than that. I mean, she sent her kid with the guy there. Why didn't she go herself? That's pathetic. That's just a dumb decision," said Cochran.

Both the young girl and the man she was escorting across the street are safe.

Foster's bond was set at $3,000. She is due in court Wednesday.

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