Ruling on custody battle comes Wednesday

When Jack and Casey He gave their child to Jerry and Louise Baker in 1999, they say they thought it was only temporary, until they tried to get her back. Tuesday night, both families were preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best. After a lengthy, heated custody battle, judgement day for Jack He and his family comes Wednesday afternoon. "We feel so excited because we have been fighting 4 years just for this day," said Jack He, the child's biological father. But the couple who currently has custody of Anna Mae He does not share that same excitement. Jerry and Louise Baker could lose a child they have raised since she was an infant. "We're confident that the judge is going to make the best decision that he can make. We confident that we're going to prevail, no we're not confident."

It has been almost a month since closing arguments were heard in the case. The case has given both sets of parents plenty of time to consider how they will deal with the judge's decision. "You know, the Lord's will is going to be done in this and it might not be what we want, and the only way we'll be able to get through it is to know that's what he wants, and that he's going to protect her so he just has to give us a lot of strength," said Mr. Baker.

Jack He says he plans to stay in Memphis for at least one more year, even if he wins his case. "If we get back our child, we will act totally different from what the Bakers did to us, we will welcome the Bakers to our home or to some mutual home for visitation. And also we will tell Anna Mae that you are a very lucky Chinese girl because so many people are loving you," said He. Judge Robert Childers is expected to announce his ruling at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon.