Tortilla chip delivery man charged with forgery

Juan Sanchez / Courtesy: Shelby County Jail
Juan Sanchez / Courtesy: Shelby County Jail

(WMC-TV) - How much would you pay for tortilla chips? Super-Lo Foods has learned that the price of these chips can be "super-hi".

Receiving manager of Super-Lo Foods Alvin Daughtry learned he has been paying thousands of dollars for five months worth of chips.

On Tuesday , the Super-Lo store manager called police to complain about his tortilla chip delivery man after a store employee noticed a suspicious invoice. According to the police affidavit, Juan Sanchez, the delivery guy, changed the dollar amounts and forged Daughtry's signature on the invoices.

According to police, Sanchez made 27 deliveries for $28.80 and three for $43.20 totaling $907.20. Once the invoices were forged, the grocery store paid an overall amount of $16,905.60, which is $15,998.40 more than Daughtry thought the store was paying.

Sanchez was taken to jail for forgery and has pleaded guilty.

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