With four budget proposals, city council must agree on one

(WMC-TV) – Four dueling budget proposals are floating throughout the Memphis City Hall. They propose a variety of things: tax increases, service cuts, and new fees – and they all affect you.

The question is: Will everyone be able to agree upon one?

Memphis Councilman Harold Collins is now the fifth city leader to propose a 2013 budget breakdown in hopes of reaching a consensus before the June 30 deadline.

"No cuts to fire and police. Libraries will be open. Community centers will be open. Swimming pools will be open," said Council member Harold Collins.

He said funds can be found with some tweaking.

"$20 million from our OPEB trust that's not doing anything but sitting there. $9 million from the sale of the Memphis Depot," he said.

Collins is also proposing the use of reserves, a hiring freeze, closing golf courses in the winter and cuts to materials and supplies.

Councilman Edmund Ford, Jr. would charge an auto inspection fee for out-of-town workers.

Councilman Jim Strickland proposed a list of tweaks from the use of reserves to cutting non-core programs.

And all of those council proposals surfaced as alternatives to Mayor A C Wharton's initial 47 cent tax hike, fire department cuts, and library closures.

With so many chefs in the kitchen, a consensus might seem unlikely.

Collins says they may end up meshing all five plans together. It takes seven votes to approve the budget.

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