Students rally around sick Southaven service dog

(WMC-TV) - Students at Southaven High School are rallying around a dog after its diagnoses with a paralyzing disease.

Blac Hughes has diabetes and the family bought a service dog named Snap, who has been by Hughes' side ever since.

But now the tables have turned, after Snap got sick.

Snap and Hughes have been inseparable for two years.

"I loved him when I first got him, he's my best friend I go everywhere with him, I can't imagine not having him," Hughes said.

Hughes has type 1 diabetes and Snap's helped the teenager through tough it all.

"I used to get sick all the time and he's actually helped with that, I don't get sick near as much," Hughes said.

But a few weeks ago, Snap got sick at Southaven High School.

Hughes' former anatomy teacher Monica Gray says Snap suddenly couldn't move his back legs.

"They were wheeling him out of the school during our break time and the kids were all upset wanting to know what was wrong with the dog," Gray said.

Snap was diagnosed with a spine infection, to go along with hip dysplasia.

Now Hughes helps Snap walk, exercise his legs, and gives him medicine.

"I've tried wrapping them in everything and he just spits them out," Hughes said.

After already spending thousands on Snap, his treatment is even more expensive; that's when Gray says the students came to the rescue.

"We just went to classrooms and took up donations," said Gray.

Charger teenagers helped out with about $2,000 to get Snap better, just in time for both of their senior years.

"We're going to be sad because both Snap and Blac will both be seniors this fall and this will be our last year to have him, but he's been a blessing to all the students," Gray said.

Hughes said the support has been overwhelming.

"More people know who he is than I am, everybody loves him, teachers love him and students love him," he said.

Snap is expected to make a full recovery, but they he's still undergoing therapy with the family's help.

After high school, Hughes said he's interested in studying to become a veterinarian.

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