74-year-old woman sues contractor for 'shoddy work'

(WMC-TV) - A Tipton County school bus driver, working to make ends meet, is taking her contractor to court for what she's calling shoddy work.

Mary Hayes will turn 75 years old next month.

She says she's done most of the construction on her house, but she had to hire a contractor to raise her foundation.

Now, she's out thousands of dollars and she says the job isn't done.

"I'd planned to relax and play in the dirt. I like gardening and flowers," she says.

She moved her house here in 1986.

Since then, she's done a lot of improvements.

"Framed windows, hung sheetrock, put down tile...whatever is needed," Hayes adds.

But last year, she had to have her foundation adjusted.

She hired Brownsville contractor John Hall to do the work.

"I paid a man to fix my house and he made a mess of it," continues Hayes.

All around her house, Hayes says there's cracks in her foundation.

She says her porches aren't even stable.

Inside, the walls have cracked and her floors are uneven.

"Get dizzy and almost fall down when I walk through the house because the floor isn't even level," Hayes says.

Attorneys for John Hall say the damage to Hayes' house came from a bad foundation being put down when the house was moved there over 20 years ago.

Attorneys for Hayes say Hall isn't even licensed and that is not illegal.

"The statute that controls the behavior of contractors provides in rural counties that a contractor doesn't need a license to do a job under $25,000," says Hayes' attorney Mary Mayham.

Now, Mary Hayes is out even more money to fix a job she says wasn't done properly to begin with.

Mary Hayes is set to appear in Tipton County General Sessions court Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m.

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