Millington city officials searching for missing dog that disappeared from custody

(WMC-TV) – Millington city officials are looking for a dog that disappeared from city custody while under investigation for a biting incident.

The Yorkie, named Eddie, was Stephanie Weaks' constant companion until a few days ago.

"We've had the dog Eddie for five years. He's my little baby," Weaks said.

The five pound Yorkie disappeared while in the care of Millington Public works employees. Eddie was quarantined on Saturday for biting a man in the ankle at a baseball field where Weaks was keeping score for her son's baseball team.

"I had his leash tied to my chair and he was laying beside me," said Weaks.

She said she never saw the encounter.  But someone who did alerted a parks supervisor, who ordered Weaks out of the park. When Weaks got home, police were waiting for her.

"They took my dog and said that he would be quarantined until we could get him to a vet and verify that he was healthy," she said.

The dog spent two days in a cage at the public works building. Monday morning Weaks got an upsetting phone call from a city manager.

"Told me they had some bad news that my dog was missing," she said.

According to a police report someone stole Eddie by gaining access through an unlocked door.

"I find it hard that anybody off the street could have just walked in and taken him out of a kennel," said Weaks. "He should have been secure."

Weaks shares part of the blame for this whole mess for bringing her dog to the ballpark in the first place. There are signs posted all around that clearly state no pets.

"And I honestly have never noticed the signs," she said.

Eddie's rabies tag expired last year. Weaks admits her mistakes.  She wants the public works department to admit theirs.

"I was told he'd be taken care of and obviously that did not happen."

Most of all she wants her dog back.

"It's not like a piece of property," Weaks said. "You can replace a piece of property. I cannot replace Eddie."

Both the Millington mayor and police chief declined an interview, saying they could not comment on an open investigation.

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