Watch out speeders! Speed cameras could be on the way

(WMC-TV) - Time to get your foot off the gas because speed cameras could be coming to Memphis.

These cameras mean that you could get a speeding ticket without ever even being stopped by a police officer.

The request for these cameras passed committee and the first two readings, and 12 days from now, the full Memphis City Council will vote on the cameras.

Councilman Myron Lowery fought for years to bring red light cameras to Memphis. Those cameras were placed on red lights at 25 different intersections throughout the city in 2009, and now, the program could expand.

The cameras can be used for both speed and red light infractions.

"This increases the productivity of our police department because they can be doing other things rather than standing there in one spot with a radar gun," said Lowery.

In addition to red light cameras, the city is now hoping to acquire mobile speed vans that capture speeders on video.

The fine for an infraction caught on camera would be $50. The ticket would show up at your house in the mail.

"There's nothing wrong with receiving new revenue from people who break the law. And if they don't break the law, then we won't get the revenue. So everybody, please drive safely and you will not get a ticket," said Lowery.

Like the red light camera program, a Memphis police officer would review each case before the ticket is mailed out.

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