Judge to rule today on adoption case

A judge is expected to rule today on a Mid-South custody battle with international ties. It has been a long, hard fight for a Chinese couple living in Memphis. Jack and Casey He say they always wanted their daughter back. And now that judge's decision is about to be revealed.

It is judgement day for Jack and Casey He. It is the day the couple hopes a judge will decide to give back their five year old daughter. Jack He is the biological father. "We are the parents we are the right parents." It has been a long and heated battle. Another couple, Jerry and Louise Baker, became foster parents to the He's daughter Anna Mae four years ago. They say it was only temporary because they were having financial problems. The Bakers, who have raised Anna Mae since she was an infant, say the Hes asked them to take care of Ann Mae permanently. Jerry Baker is the foster father. "We're confident that the judge is going to make the best decision that he can make.We confident that we're going to prevail, no we're not confident." And now the fate of a five year old girl, who has only known one set of parents, is in the hands of a judge who will release his decision Wednesday afternoon.

Judge Robert Childers is expected to announce his ruling at 4:30 this afternoon. We will be there when it happens. We will also be with the Hes and the Bakers to get their reaction. You can see it all on Action News 5.