Mom arrested for DUI with kids in tow

Candis Foy is charged with DUI after a crash at I-40 at Covington Pike, Wednesday night.

"I think it's very shocking. I can't believe parents are so irresponsible," said a concerned citizen.

Foy's children ages 6 and 9 were passengers in the car that ran into another car with a man and woman inside.

"It doesn't surprise me," said another concerned citizen. "But I hate to hear that somebody would be drunk driving their kids and they hit somebody else."

Investigators say Foy turned north bound onto the entrance ramp and did not yield. The crash knocked the car she hit into the median. Officers said Foy had slurred speech as well as bloodshot and glossy eyes.

When officers asked Foy if she had had anything to drink, she said "I drank a Bud Light Lime and a Margarita". That's when officers arrested her and called the DUI Unit.

The test showed she had a blood-alcohol level of .108.

When officers checked her driver's license they saw it had been revoked from a previous DUI. She also had no auto insurance.

"They really need to do a better job of stopping them from driving once they have one DUI especially if they have children," said a concerned citizen. "That's just not right."

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the crash.

Candis Foy is charged with DUI, child endangerment, public intoxication, having no proof of insurance, reckless driving, failure to yield and driving while her license is revoked.

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