Southaven citizens' group comes to Davis' defense of Vegas trip

SOUTHAVEN, TN - (WMC-TV) – The Concerned Citizens of Southaven, Mississippi came to the defense of Mayor Greg Davis for a Las Vegas trip he took for business while under investigation by the state for misuse of city funds.

While Mayor Greg Davis has been in Las Vegas this week a group of involved citizens has been watching from a distance making sure everything is done by the book.

Linda Temple with the concerned citizens of Southaven wasn't upset Davis went to the shopping center conference in Las Vegas.

"He didn't pick the place," she said. "They have it every year, and I think in prior years it's been very successful."

She's upset at the way the trip was handled, as Temple says, with aldermen essentially going as chaperones for the mayor.

"I found it kind of unusual that they had to go out there and babysit our mayor. I don't think that's necessary," she said.

The meetings for the Concerned Citizens of Southaven aren't as heavily attended as they were months ago when news of the spending scandal had just broken, but those who attend are still full of concern and skepticism.

"Right now that is the biggest thing we are missing. Accountability," Davis said.

The small but dedicated group of citizens says they still want to know the truth about how much money was allegedly misspent by the mayor and what else may have been going on behind scenes.

"We are all sitting on pins and needles waiting for the FBI to finish their investigation. Once that's done we will go forward with this," she said.

Until then they will continue asking questions and informing each other. All to make sure what happened seven months ago isn't forgotten come election time.

Again the trip was approved by the board of aldermen. The mayor returned from Las Vegas Wednesday night. Action News 5 requested an interview with him about the conference, but never heard back.

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