Car break-ins most common crime at Shelby Farms

(WMC-TV) - Visitors to Shelby Farms need to keep an eye out this holiday weekend and keep belongings hidden from plain view.

As you feed the ducks, run, and fly kites, Shelby County officials want you to be aware that criminals are waiting for you to step away from your cars.

"People tend to leave their car doors unlocked and more importantly, they leave valuables on their seats," said Shelby County Sheriff's Department spokesman Chip Washington. "It's like bees to honey for criminals, they'll come and they'll attack."

Phil Simmons and his wife ride the bike trails at Shelby Farms often. They say they learned to travel light.

"If we're coming out here to have a good time we're not carrying everything. We have our identification and we have our little satchel on the back of the bike," said Simmons.

Simmons says his little stow-and-go kit has come in handy.

"Yeah, you can put a wallet, two cell phones, and key, and your tool kit just in case your bike breaks down and have a little bit of room," he explained.

Shelby County deputies beefed up patrol in the area and as part of their awareness campaign.

They say visitors should feel safe about coming to enjoy the outdoors but remember to park smart.

"So we're just urging people to be more cautious, take more time, hide your valuables, and keep your doors locked," said Washington.

Washington noted that crime is not on the rise at Shelby Farms, they are just spreading the word about car break-ins because they are the most common reports from park visitors.

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