Southaven mayor discusses recent business trip to Sin City

(WMC-TV) – Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has returned from a controversial trip to Las Vegas, where he says he was trying to lure new business to the area.

He is speaking to Action News 5 about his trip.

Davis believes he found some suitors to develop areas along Stateline Road..

"We've got one that's coming into a vacant spot and it's always really good to get someone into a vacant spot," said Mayor Davis.

The Main Street area has far less business than Goodman Road, but Davis hopes that is going to change.

"We've got a gentleman that I've been meeting with for over a year and a half who bought some property on Main Street who has redeveloped it and actually occupied all but one place in it and is looking to expand and buy more property," he said.

Davis could not specify exactly where the businesses would be but hopes to soon.

"Hopefully we'll be able to make that announcement in a couple weeks," he said.

When Action News 5's Michael Clark asked if there were any differences in this year's trip since the state auditor's investigation

"The only difference was I kept receipts. The state auditor said he wanted receipts, we changed our policy back in April of 2011. We've been carrying on business as usual now, we just keep the receipts and document it rather than using the credit card statements," said Davis.

Two aldermen went with the mayor and he called it a good experience that would benefit the entire city.

"We're just keeping going we're going to keep moving the city forward and doing what we can, the board and I are starting to work together better and I think that's a great sign for everyone involved in the city of Southaven."

Davis says retail sales tax revenue accounts for more than one third of the city's budget and so says trips like these are essential to developing and continuing relationships with potential businesses.

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