Man charged with robbing church thieves

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A man is charged with stealing from thieves who stole from a church and tricking someone into helping him with the crime.

Some say there is honor among thieves, but maybe not in the case of Robert Weaver who is behind bars at 201 Poplar.

"It's terrible. If they break in God's house you imagine what will happen to yours. You know what I'm saying," said neighbor Margarete Townsend.

Greater Grace Baptist Church is the place where police say two burglaries of the same items happened. Police charged Robert Weaver with burglary of the church and felony theft of a furnace and water tank.

Weaver may have felt he didn't do anything wrong. He told officers that he overheard some men talking about some items stolen from this church. He knew where they hid them and he came back and stole them from the original thieves.

Weaver was caught when a witness saw him leaving in a truck with the items and called police.

"They caught him at the junkyard," Townsend said.

Police found him trying to sell the items at a scrap metal business on Chelsea. He was arrested along with Rosie Sharp, the woman who owns the truck. Sharp lives across the street from Weaver's mother, and she said she was just giving him a ride.

When asked what she thought when police showed up, she said she was scared. She said the police took her downtown to question her.

"It was real uncomfortable and embarrassing," she said.

Police let her go without charging her. Now she has to get her car back from the impound lot.

Weaver's mother Blanche Carter said she kicked her son out a while ago.

"He needs some help cause he's on drugs and he needs help," Carter said.

Rosie Sharp says Weaver is going to have to get his rides from someone else.

"I ain't helping nobody," she said.

The total value of the thefts Robert Weaver is charged with is $2,500. Police say Weaver did admit taking the items as he pointed out he did not go inside the church to get them.

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