Mid-Southerners honor nation's heroes on Memorial Day

(WMC-TV) – On the day before the nation officially celebrates Memorial Day, Ethyl Buford and Fate Mosley visit National Cemetery to put flowers on her father - D.C. Owens' - grave.

"I do know that he served in World War 2, he was honorably discharged and he fought for this country and he believed what he was fighting for," said Buford.

Buford says her father served in the army.  Her mother is also buried at the plot next to her father.  She says it's important that the living honor the dead.

You can see more than 40,000 graves at national cemetery in Memphis.  For Memorial Day, each gets a flag - a symbolic thank you for a job well done.

At the same time you see people here honoring the dead, you can also see those who are struggling with their grief over the loved one who died.

"My father he went fought but he didn't die over there but he died when he come back here," said Mosley.

Fate Mosely says he and Ethyl Buford visit cemeteries every Memorial Day Weekend and plant flowers.  Mosley sheds tears for those he knows, and those he's never met.

"Yeah.  Well one thing it just hits you…of all these people that died people.  Need to remember that nothing is free," Mosley said

"We should just all come and remember and be thankful that so many gave so much just for us to enjoy the things that we enjoy now," stated Buford.

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