Another budget proposed for the city council to ponder

(WMC-TV) - A new proposal now gives the Memphis City Council four different approaches to balancing the budget.

The city council will meet Tuesday to discuss each option.

"We need to look at the entire pie, everything from public safety all the way down," said Edmund Ford, Jr., who proposed the latest budget. "If the government can run on $3 and a penny, let's stay if we can stay at $3 and a penny and work around that with other means so that we can have an effective government."

Councilman Ford's plan would use less reserves, exercise a pension bond option, and keep golf courses open while funding city schools. His plan would drop the city's property tax rate from 3.19 to 2.98 percent.

Councilman Harold Collins wants to use more reserves, close golf courses during winter, enact a hiring freeze, and add a 10 cent assessment to run city government. His plan lowers the tax rate to 3.11 percent.

Councilman Jim Strickland has a list of tweaks, uses large portion of reserves and cuts non-core programs. His pitch has the lowest tax rate of 2.91 percent.

All of these are tax rate cuts compared to Mayor Wharton's proposal, which would raise the tax rate to 3.66 percent and cut from the fire department and close libraries.

Tuesday afternoon at 5 p.m., Councilman Ford will pitch his proposal to the budget committee and get it on the record.

In years past, the city council used bits and pieces from various proposals to pass a city budget.

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