After six decades, family will hold proper burial for fallen soldier

(WMC-TV) – Sixty-seven years after Warren Moxley was shot down during World War II, his sister says the family can now have closure and a proper burial for him.

A hand written letter by Warren Moxley one week before his death and a picture of Moxley in uniform are the only mementos Memphian Peggy Walker have to remember her brother.

"When he got down to the bridge, an anti-aircraft gun was under the bridge and shot him and his plane was hit," said Walker.

Moxley, an Army Reconnaissance Pilot, was shot down and killed March 15, 1945, while on a special mission in Germany. He was only 24 years old.

Since his death, his family has had very little to remember him by.

For 67 years, Moxley's family has not been able to properly bury him because his remains were lost, until now.

A special recovery team from the Army located his remains, along with several airplane parts nearly a year ago.

Through DNA testing, his remains were positively identified.

Now, his four remaining brothers and sisters are planning a very special burial.

"I'm happy, he's been gone for such a long time but now we'll have closure. I never dreamed this could happen," said Walker.

Peggy Walker and her three brothers and sisters are getting ready to attend the burial of their brother, whose life was short but well-lived serving the country he loved.

"I'm a Christian and I think Warren was a Christian and I know momma and daddy are in Heaven, and so they're having a glorious time right now," said Walker.

Warren Moxley's funeral service and burial will take place in his hometown of Charleston, Missouri.

Those ceremonies will take place on July 3.

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