Major inconsistencies found in Shelby County voting rolls

(WMC-TV) – Hundreds of Shelby County voters could be robbed of their voting rights due to inconsistencies found in voting rolls.

State Representative Johnnie Turner discovered her name was on a list of local leaders whose votes may have been allegedly disenfranchised.  She is not sure if it is a mistake or intentional, but she wants answers.

Last month, Director of Black Box Voting Bev Harris, discovered that the voting histories of close to 500 Shelby County residents, many of them lifelong voters, may have been altered to make it appear that they did not vote in recent elections.

"I have never missed a vote. I go into schools and talk to young people about the importance of the vote," said Turner.

Other prominent names on the list include former Memphis Councilman Edmund Ford Sr., and school board commissioner Sara Lewis.

"Politics is extremely important in each of our lives and any group or effort to disenfranchise a group of people who just coincidentally happen to be African American or who coincidentally happen to be Democrat will not be tolerated," said Turner.

Congressman Steve Cohen says there have been problems as recently as December 2011 with the record-keeping at Shelby County Election Commission.

But Richard Holden, administrator for the Shelby County Election Commission says that is not the case.

"That is absolutely false. The voter histories are intact and have not been changed in any way," said Holden.

Congressman Cohen is asking the state coordinator of elections and the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the matter.