Father of murder victim wants stolen weapons off of the streets

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis man whose son was shot to death nine years ago wants to get stolen weapons off of the streets.

Stevie Moore lost his son to violent crime. On this anniversary of his son's death, he is fighting to get stolen guns off of the streets in an effort to save lives.

While Memphis Police continue to search for those responsible for stealing more than 40 guns from a Whitehaven home last week, Moore, who is founder and President of "Stop the Killing," is worried.

"I believe somebody who stole the guns know they was in there and if they don't get those guns very soon somebody will die by one of those guns," said Moore.

Moore started the "Stop the Killing" organization after his son was murdered with a stolen gun during Memorial Day weekend in 2003.

"AK-47 assault rifle that went through his eye and took half his head off. The problem I had with it is even though the guy was caught that did it, the gun was never apprehended," said Moore.

Since then, Moore is making it his mission to join the fight against crime, gangs, and violence.

He is even taking his message to the streets of Memphis, where he says he has seen his share of stolen weapons.

"Any neighborhood I go on I see some young kid with a gun. I don't care if I go to North Memphis, South Memphis, Westwood, somebody in that neighborhood got a gun," said Moore.

Memphis Police aren't saying too much about the investigation into last week's burglary.

"I would hope the law enforcement will take swift action," said Moore.

However, a warning has been issued to the community now that more than 40 assault rifles, hand guns, and ammunition are on the street.

"Guns in our community is a problem for everybody in our community and everybody in our community needs to take responsibility and start getting guns off," Moore explained.

Investigators say they are not going to release any additional information regarding the stolen guns in order to protect the victim.

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