Hit and run suspect also gave birth to conjoined twins last year

(WMC-TV) – It's hard to understand how a driver who police believe committed a hit and run in Cooper Young is the same woman recognized for giving birth to conjoined twins in Memphis.

Memphis police named that suspect late Monday after more than a week of searching for the driver.

Adrienne Spates is now charged in the hit and run that left a woman severely injured. She also gave birth to conjoined twins last year that were separated by surgeons.

"We ain't been done nothing wrong," Spates' mother said. "She wasn't charged with anything. The police ain't charged her with nothing. You don't understand."

Memphis police investigators tell Action News 5 that Adrienne Spates is charged in the hit and run accident with leaving the scene of an accident a week ago in the Cooper Young area. The crash sent Shannon Parker to the Med with a broken pelvis. Doctors say it could be months before she walks. Her friend was also injured as they crossed the street in front of Celtic Crossing.

A week later police located Spates damaged vehicle on Wicks and towed it to the impound lot.

"Adrienne don't even live over here. I appreciate y'all leave us alone," Spates' mother said.

Police issued Spates a misdemeanor citation. She then contacted the traffic office. Spates told police she didn't know where the pedestrians came from and when she stopped people started yelling at her, she got scared and left.

You may remember Spates from stories we did about her conjoined twins who were born in January last year.  Surgeons separated them in August. We interviewed her soon after.

"I'm glad that everyone gets to see my baby and view them as separate people because they are and they have their own personalities," Spates said at the time.

Spates mother mentioned the twins when she approached us.

"She ain't been charged with nothing with the twins and all that," she said.

Adrienne Spates is scheduled to appear for booking and processing next month at 201 Poplar.

She has a court date set for July on charges of leaving the scene of an accident involving injury, failure to report an accident and having no insurance.

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