Memphis City Council discuss budget proposals

(WMC-TV) - The Memphis City Council is talking over at least four different budget proposals, including one from the mayor that includes a tax increase.

Unlike the mayor's plan, the proposals from other city council members do not include tax increases.

Memphis City Council budget chairman Jim Strickland believes there are plenty of cuts that can be made within the city government.

"There's cuts to vacant positions, there's cuts to materials and supplies," he explained.

Strickland's budget proposal is similar in many ways to those of the proposals of two other council members.

Strickland's plan, and at least one other, borrows money from the reserve fund, which he says, will not impact the city's credit worthiness as much as some might think.

He says his top priority is avoiding Mayor A C Wharton's proposed 47 cent property tax hike.

"I mean, there's always a chance, but I really think the council is committed to reducing taxes and I think that's what's going to happen," explained Strickland.

The full city council plans to vote on a final budget in one week even though it has until June 30.

In addition to discussing their plans, city council members will hear from the mayor Tuesday night regarding his budget proposal.

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