Election Commission: There is no problem with Shelby Co. voting records

(WMC-TV) – Despite an investigation into the voting records for Shelby County, the election commission says records are accurate and nobody's voting history is erased.

Action News 5 first reported on the voting rolls controversy on Memorial Day. State lawmakers were outraged when they learned their voting history may have been wiped clean.

Congressman Steve Cohen says there have been problems as recently as December 2011 with the record-keeping at the Shelby County Election Commission.

"If there is purging of voters and it appears it's being done to African Americans exclusively, this is an issue for the U.S. Department of Justice to look in to," said Congressman Cohen.

But Richard Holden, administrator for the Shelby County Election Commission, says those allegations are not true.

"This is completely a surprise. It's just an allegation made by someone on the Internet that is selling books as opposed to electronic voting," said Holden.

Las month, Director of Black Box Voting Bev Harris, made a list of the Shelby County residents  she said had their voting history altered to make it appear as though they did not vote in recent elections.

But Holden stands by the commission's system.

"As long as a voter votes once every eight years or more frequently, their record stays in our system as a registered voter," he said.

Holden showed Action News 5 voter histories for a number of prominent people, including former Memphis Councilman Edmund Ford, Sr., whose history was thought to have been wiped clean.

The voter histories reflect votes from 1982 through 2012. They show which election the voter participated in, the date of the election, and if the person voted at the polls, voted early, or voted absentee.

"The voters are still eligible to vote. They're active. When they go to the polls, they'll go through the process exactly as they always do. There is not a problem at all with their records," said Holden.

Holder urges citizens to make sure they are registered to vote 30 days before the upcoming August election.

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