Tourists robbed near Sun Studio

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Sun Studio attracts tourists from around the world who want to see where rock and roll was born.  Most of them return home with pleasant memories.  But not one couple from Columbia, Missouri.

"One of them was saying give me your purse, give me your purse, give me your purse," recalled a 31 year-old victim of a recent attack near Sun Studio.

Memphis Police say she and her husband were robbed and beaten by two men along Orleans Street around 4:30 Sunday while on their way from Sun to catch a Madison Avenue trolley.

"All I know is that all of the sudden we were down on the ground and one of them was punching my husband in the head," recalled the woman during a phone interview.

The suspects got away with her purse and the couple's sense of security.

"I mean, if they had been armed they could have really hurt us," the victim said.  "As it was we were just scratched and bruised," she added.

A MATA supervisor who happened to be driving by witnessed the attack and called police while he watched the purse snatchers run toward a nearby apartment complex.

"He said if he could have done more he would have," said MATA spokeswoman Alison Burton.

She said supervisor Ricky Bentley did what all employees are encouraged to do.

"If you see something that's wrong, say something," said Burton.

The victim told Action News 5 Bentley made sure she and her husband safely returned to their hotel where locals and relatives had similar reactions to news of the attack.

"They were very shocked at what happened," she said.

Like a scratch on a old record, she said her memories of Memphis may be affected forever.

There are only vague descriptions of the suspects.  But crimes against tourists near Sun Studio or any other local attraction are extremely rare.

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