Mother of conjoined twins accused of a hit and run in Cooper Young has criminal record

(WMC-TV) – The mother of conjoined twins now accused of a hit and run in Cooper Young has a criminal record.

Adrienne Spates was charged with DUI and vandalism a month before the Cooper Young hit and run.  Her 16 month old twins were in her car when it happened. The Department of Children's services put the children in protective custody after that incident.

Police say in April Adrienne Spates, the twins' mother, broke a window in the duplex where the father of her children lives. Police were called.

Investigators say Spates was sitting in her car in the southbound lane when they approached her. They said she had bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech and she smelled of alcohol.

She was arrested and charged with vandalism, DUI, public intoxication and reckless driving.

Around the same time the State took her twins from her. We wanted to talk with the twins' father.

No one answered the door at his duplex. His grandmother down the street said she did not know where he is and his father said he wasn't sure where he was either.

We wanted to talk with Spates, but no one answered the door at her home.

She is charged in a hit and run in the Cooper Young area more than a week ago. The damaged car she was driving is parked in her driveway. Shannon Parker and her friend were crossing the street at Celtic Crossing when Spates hit them severely injuring Parker, who is still in the hospital.

The husband of the woman Parker was with said she does not want to talk about the crash.

Adrienne Spates was also charged with DUI and disorderly conduct in 2006. She is scheduled to be in court in June on the vandalism DUI charge in April and in July for the Cooper Young crash.

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