Residents to vote for municipal school districts

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – The final hurdle was cleared Tuesday night to allow residents to vote for municipal school districts this August.

The votes put the decision to form municipal school districts in the hands of the people.  In Collierville it was a unanimous vote "yes" by all five aldermen that came with very little discussion.

The vote yes to go forward with a referendum to let Collierville residents decide if they want to create a separate municipal school district required little discussion because it's an issue  these  leaders have thought about and heard about  constantly for the last 18 months.

"They are telling us to stay the course, you are doing what we want you to do," Mayor Stan Joyner said.

With this vote the referendum will be held August second during the Shelby County general election, three  months after the date the special election would have been held had the Tennessee Attorney General not issued an opinion against it.  Still, even with this major step out of the way, mayor Stan Joyner says there are many obstacles ahead, including who will get the buildings in the suburbs.

"I think Collierville residents are willing to pay what needs to be paid in order to achieve what we want, and that's control of our schools," Collierville resident Jason Haluska said.

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