Dog, kitten make 'purr-fect' pair

(WMC-TV) – A dog in Horn Lake is teaching a lesson of acceptance, as she nurses and cares for a fluffier, smaller animal of an entirely different species.

Precious the dog is a loving mother with a lot of experience. She has had 37 puppies in her lifetime, and she is proving that her maternal instincts do not discriminate.

Precious took on a new role when her owners brought home a kitten they rescued on Friday.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until Angie Whisenhunt woke up Wednesday morning to find Precious nursing the kitten.

You see, the 10-year-old dog recently had a precious pup of her own, giving her the ability to nurse. It appears that the dog took to the kitten, and adopted him as one of her own.

"I got up and my dog was nursing the kitten so laying on the couch nursing the kitten so I started taking pictures," said Whisenhunt.

Precious' tender, love, and care appear to be doing wonders for the fluffy feline.

"The kitten is actually putting on weight. When we got it you could feel every bone in its body and now it's actually putting on weight," explained Whisenhunt.

The family thinks the dog has been nursing the kitten at night while everyone slept.

"She's a good mother. She's always been good with her babies."

Precious is not the only family dog who has taken a liking to the new addition. The Whisenhunt's German Shepherd mix, Buddy, is also making sure the kitten feels right at home.

"He [Buddy] cleans it all the time, he'll go over and lick it and clean it and when they're around, the kitten does nothing but purr," said Whisenhunt.

The kitten, the family named Aerial, is now a permanent addition to this newly-blended family.

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