Baby ashes stolen

(WMC-TV) - Susan Jones says, Kelli Stanfield stole some of her stillborn baby's ashes.

"To me it's the same as if I had buried my baby and she dug her up and took her body," said  Jones.

Jones lost her baby girl named Anna Mae a little more than a month ago. She says she got a call from Stanfield who has a child with Jones' stepbrother.

"She called and said she had a miscarriage and she was upset and she was planning on getting her baby cremated," said Jones.

Jones says Stanfield took her baby's ashes into the bathroom. After she left, Jones discovered  half of the ashes were missing. The father of Anna Mae didn't believe Stanfield had her own two month old fetus cremated.

"He went over to see the ashes and could tell they were ours and that's when he called the law," said Jones.

Henderson police did not want to talk on camera about this case, but they did confirm they are looking into it.

Police arrested Kelli Stanfield and charged her with theft of the ashes.

When Action News 5 attempted to reach Stanfield for comment no one answered the door at her apartment.

"She said she didn't do it," said Jerry Matthews a friend of Standfield's. "I have no reason to say she did or didn't."

Susan Jones has a box with keepsakes in it from Anna Mae. Included is the imprint of her hands and feet and the dress she wore for photos.

"Little cards from family and friends with her pictures and ultra sound," added Jones.

She says she will never get all of her daughter's ashes back but she wants Stanfield punished.

"I do want some kind of punishment," said Jones. "I don't want her to get a slap on the wrist."

Kelli Stanfield was released from the Chester County jail earlier this week. She is scheduled to appear in court Friday

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