Southwest Community College set to build new nursing school

(WMC-TV) - Southwest Tennessee Community College is set to begin construction on a new, multimillion dollar nursing school.

"We can't get it up fast enough," said Southwest nursing student Edward Lisney.

Lisney moved to Memphis from England more than a decade ago and said the need for nurses and the nursing school is great.

"They have a good RN program here," said Lisney.  "When I get my pre-rec sorted out, and I am working on that at the moment ... I hope to be doing the associates degree."

The school bought the property across from Sun Studio and took down a convenience store and gas station in the process.  All that is left is a parking lot surrounded by construction tape.

The $18.2 million nursing and natural science building is scheduled to open in the summer of 2014.

"It's going to be a great promotion in terms of marketing, and there will be a lot of success behind it," said Southwest employee Ora Harris.

"This is also going to be good for Midtown as well," said Lisney.

Groundbreaking on the project is expected to begin in September.

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