Jailer hit trying to break up fight between two women

(WMC-TV) - A DeSoto County jailer is feeling better after he was hit trying to break up a fight between two women during visitation.

Visitors are pretty common at the DeSoto County jail, but rarely do their visits turn violent.

"This never happens here at our facility," said DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco.

Early this week, officials say things got heated between two young women.

Rasco said both were there to visit the same person, who was incarcerated at the facility.

"They got into a physical argument and it did go to push and shove, at that point our deputy jailer interfered then one of them did assault our jailer deputies," Rasco said.

Christal Kelly, 19, is accused of striking the jailer in the face. Kelly is charged with felony simple assault of a law enforcement officer and disturbing the peace.

Embrielle Banks, 20, is charged with disturbing the peace.

Rasco says the department will not put up with disturbances during visitation.

"That's just one of the things we're not going to tolerate here at this facility," Rasco said.

Rasco says even though jail staff may not carry a weapon or be out on the streets, they're an equal part of their team.

"They do a great job and we're going to do everything we can to protect them, to show them we appreciate them, and we're not going to let anybody going to take advantage of them at all," said Rasco.

For future visitors, Rasco asks that people obey the rules posted outside the door and be on their best behavior.

"If you come to our facility and cause a disturbance then you're going to be back there with the people you come to visit," Rasco said.

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