MY TURN: Municipal school districts vote

Lee Meredith
Lee Meredith

So now it goes to the voters in several Shelby County municipalities to decide whether to form their own school districts.

Their secessions from the unified countywide school district may not be in the best interest of the region overall, but it's certainly understandable that people who live in these communities want to consider that option.  After all, what parent does not want the best possible school situation for their children. Still, there are critical decisions to be made here.

The people who live in these communities should be skeptical about the projections which show that their new school systems can be funded with only modest tax hikes.

They should also be skeptical that the educational results produced by the municipal systems will automatically be better than the larger county wide system.

I'm not here to suggest that the municipal school districts are a bad idea, I'm just saying that voters in each town need to do their homework before the referendums on August 2.

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