Memphis City Council to discuss sales tax increase

(WMC-TV) - What you buy could soon cost more in Memphis.

According to the Commercial Appeal, the Memphis City Council will meet Tuesday to discuss a sales tax increase.

The plan, proposed by councilman Shea Flinn and supported by Mayor A C Wharton, would put the tax at 2.75 percent, the maximum amount allowed under state law.

Flinn said the tax increase could bring in as much as $47 million a year for the city.

The proposal is an effort to target revenue from people who commute to the city for work and recreation.

Flinn said he is introducing it now to get the proposal on the November ballot for Memphis voters to approve.  If voters say yes, the city would not see any of the funds until next July under state law.

At Tuesday's meeting, the proposal will be discussed in executive session when all 13 council members are allowed to participate.

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