Mississippi tax payers may be responsible for burial of Adam Mayes

(WMC-TV) - It is quite the dilemma. Mississippi has a body nobody wants. But something has to be done eventually.

"We've had some unusual cases but none like this where the family won't even accept the remains," said Mark Golding, the Union County M.E.

Adam Mayes' body is still in Jackson, Mississippi at the state crime lab and time is running out. Union County M.E. Mark Golding says the state will keep a body for 6 months, before it goes back to the county.

Golding says according to state law, the county where a person dies is the county responsible for the body. Adam Mays shot himself in a wooded area in Union County.

Mississippi's state law also says if there are any living relatives, it is the family's responsibility to take care of the body. Adam Mayes wife, Teresa Mayes is behind bars in Hardeman County, Tennessee along with his mother. Both are accused of conspiracy in the murder of JoAnn Bain and her 14 year old daughter and the kidnapping of Bain's two youngest daughters.

Mayes brother has also said he doesn't want the body.

"I do realize it's a terrible thing that has went on but someone is going to have to step up to the plate and eventually do something with him," said Golding.

Golding considered getting the family's permission to donate Mayes body for research. But he says that has to be decided before a person dies.

"I don't know what to think about it," said Robery Chisum a resident of Union County. "Somebody needs to come forward and claim the body."

"If that's his family that's his family," added Kim Whitehorn of Union County. "No matter what."

Union County M.E., Mark Golding says he is going to contact Mayes brother to see if something can be worked out. He says if the county ultimately has to take care of the body it will be cremated at a cost of about 900 dollars.

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