Memphis rapper killed, suspect wanted

(WMC-TV) - Hours after the shooting, Adrian Thomas' relatives were still cleaning up blood from the front porch where a bullet took his life.

"My voice is horse because I've been screaming, crying," said Malikah Thomas, wife of Adrian Thomas.

Malikah Thomas says she was inside their house when she heard her husband arguing with someone, and then a gunshot ranged out.

"Him and the guy got to arguing and I heard a shot - it happened so fast - I came out and he was bleeding," said Mrs. Thomas.

Thomas said her husband's death is a tragic end to life of a man who hoped his new CD would be musical breakthrough.  His lead song "Cypher" encourages listeners to go out and seek more knowledge.

Malikah Thomas says her husband was her best friend.  She's not looking forward to explaining to her kids that their father is dead.

"I have to explain to a 3 and 4 year old where their father is and that's not going to be easy so I hope everybody is taking a lesson from me.  I'm a widow at 32," Thomas stated.

Thomas says she and her husband have two young children and another child is expected in October.  Her husband's death has her speaking out against violence.

"I would like to say for the city of Memphis tell the city please stop the violence put the guns down I don't understand why people need a gun why people can't just talk things out  I don't understand that I never will," Thomas said.

Police are still searching for the suspect in this case.  Call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH (2274) if you can lead police to an arrest.

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