Company offers healthy choices -- in a vending machine

(WMC-TV) – A new company is working to help Memphians battle obesity.

The company is called Fresh Healthy Vending and staffers are trying to improve the quality of food you eat, one snack at a time.

Every year, Memphis seems to make someone's list as one of the nation's fattest cities. Now, there is hope that vending machines could be the start to turning that around.

"What we have here is an option really, this is a healthy option to snack choices," Amy Israel explained.

Amy Israel and William Pollack are the Memphis franchisee for the company that is hoping to prompt more people to choose healthy.

Fresh Healthy Vending is based in San Diego. It produces specialized vending machines that offer snacks to people who want to eat healthy.

"For example, the multi-grain has flax and sunflower seeds in it. It has keno and brown rice, so instead of the white flower, the white gluten items that you find in the machines, a lot of these items are gluten free," said Israel.

The Memphis franchisees started putting 11 vending machines around the Memphis area this week.

You can find them at YMCAs, Bridges, and several other agencies. Company officials say this is the food source of the future.

"In addition to that, we've got protein bars, we've got fruit smoothies, like the Naked juices, we've got apple sauce in there," Israel pointed out.

Fresh Healthy Vending officials are also partnering with the Healthy Memphis Common Table, which is made up of local agencies and organization committed to beating the obesity problem in Memphis.

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