Creepy crawler gets loose at Memphis Police Department

(WMC-TV) - A sneaky six to seven foot long guest got loose and was on the prowl at the Memphis Police Department.

Mike Wheeler, the facility manager at 201 poplar, was out in the community on Tuesday when a woman asked him if he knew how to contact animal control. The woman wanted to get rid of a long snake on her porch.

Wheeler took the snake and intended to bring it to his aunt, who lives on a farm.  He figured it could eat rats and other small pests. He put it in a secure box and took it back to work with him and placed it in the warehouse at 201 poplar.

Once other employees found out that there was a snake in the building, they wanted to take a look.

But somebody did not shut the box properly and the snake got out.

The creepy crawler was missing for six days before being found Monday morning coiled up on a shelf in the warehouse.

Action News 5's Lindsey Brown interviewed people heading in and out of the building Monday afternoon.

"I'm six and a half feet and you are telling me from my feet to my head crawling around in this builiding?" said one person at 201 Poplar.

Another said, "I don't know what I would have did. Just crawling while you were in court. That would have been horrific. Just horrible."

Now the slithering jail guest has been released into the wild, at Wheeler's aunt's farm.

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