Judge defends his decision

You don't often hear a judge justify a decision in statements from the bench days after his ruling. But that is exactly what Judge Robert Childers did. "The court made its decision based on the law and the evidence in this case without prejudice or sympathy." "I can't recall having seen that before but everything about this case has been kind of unusual." Webb Brewer has argued several child custody cases to the Tennessee Supreme Court. He says he was surprised by some of Judge Childers' observations concerning Jack and Casey He the biological parents of five year old Anna Mae He. "Judge Childers made a lot of findings and statements about the Hes lack of credibility and in effect said they were pathological liars and that was pretty strong." Brewer says the judge's opinion on witnesses seemed strong. "He seemed to go pretty far in finding the Bakers and most of their witnesses to be very credible and finding the He's to be he was pretty explicit that he didn't find them credible at all." Judge Childers also said there was evidence the Hes decided to keep Anna Mae to avoid deportation. Immigration attorneys told us getting Anna Mae back would not stop the Hes deportation; but this custody battle has certainly delayed it. What most surprised Webb Brewer and other attorneys we talked with is that Judge Childers terminated the Hes parental rights rather than just giving custody to the Bakers.