Do speed cameras actually work?

(WMC-TV) - For two years, the City of Millington has used traffic cameras to catch speeders and red light runners.

On Tuesday, the city of Memphis is expected to vote whether to keep the same red light cameras throughout the city.

Are the cameras working?

"The number of accidents decreased, the number of citations decreased," said Millington Police Chief Ray Douglas. "We're trying to keep our citizens safe. We haven't had a fatality this year, as a matter of fact, we haven't had one in two years."

Eight cameras are watching red light runners. A mobile speed van is watching speeders.

If you break the law, your picture is taken and you get a ticket in the mail.

"You can see 10 seconds before, 10 second after. We still have people say they ran the red light because someone was trying to run over them. Well, that's the reason for the 10 seconds behind to see if anyone is barreling down on you," explained Chief Douglas.

Chief Ray Douglas says the cameras read your license number and take a picture of your car.

He says he has not heard many complaints from residents since the cameras were installed.

"When they first came in, we were seeing brakes, they'd slam on their brakes left and right and now, everybody knows they're there," said Millington resident Jason Tidwell.

If you get caught running a red light or speeding, it is a $50 fine.

These fines have generated the city around $200,000 each year since the cameras went up.

Right now, the city of Memphis has red light cameras throughout the city. If the budget is approved tomorrow, those red light cameras will also start monitoring speeders in Memphis beginning mid-summer.

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