Lightning to blame for house fires in north Mississippi

A number of north Mississippi homes were hit by lightning during Monday morning's thunderstorm.

Many in the Mid-South woke up to the thunder and pouring rain, but the storms got way too close for several families.

Smoke was still smoldering from a lightning-damaged home just north of Oxford, Mississippi early Monday afternoon.

"It's been a real busy morning," said Lafayette County Fire Chief Jeff Roy.

Don't tell Roy that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice.

"We had two trees and three residences this morning struck by lightning," said Roy.

It's nearly impossible to recognize anything inside one of the homes.  Just about everything visible is burnt to a crisp.

"The homeowner was there and heard a loud boom and a pop, went in and found there was a fire blazing from around the hot water heater and her attic was on fire," Roy said.

Two other Lafayette County homes were also hit. There was no damage on the outside, but one of the families tells me several electronics were blown from the strike.

It wasn't just Lafayette County.

In Marshall County, Mississippi another home sustained damage from what is believed to be a lightning strike.

"They noticed the roof area on the second floor had been damaged due to fire," said county investigator Tracy Jeffries.

Family members say that two teenagers were inside when they heard a boom, but they made it out just fine.

Some of the families' belongings are spread across the lawn, away from the damaged inside.

"Just got a lot of water damage due to the extinguishment," said Jeffries, adding that the home had minimal fire damage.

The families are grateful for the fire departments.

Fire officials are just hoping the next storm comes without the lightning.

"This morning was one of those rare moments when we had a lot of strikes at one time," Roy said.

The Red Cross is in contact with all of the homeowners to see what kind of assistance may be needed.

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