New Boys & Girls Club branch vandalized

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Memphis plans to open a new Oakhaven branch in a building that was once part of a church on Tchulahoma.  It's already in need of a lot of work.  Now it's in need of a lot more.

"We just acquired this less than a week ago," said President and CEO Vinny Borello.

Someone kicked in the rear door over the weekend and ransacked the electrical system.  It appears they were searching for copper wiring.

"They took all of the copper," said Borello.  "They took all the HVAC lines," he added.  "All of the HVAC units," said Borello.

Foam insulation litters the floor inside the building.  It's no longer filled with the precious copper.

"Got to be around $40,000 worth of damage," said Borello.

Evelyn Young recently moved from Illinois to run the new branch.  She said it sounds as if the crooks needed the Boys & Girls Club when they were younger.

"We are going to forge ahead because the kids of this community need us here," said Young.

A recent study identified some 43,000 children within in a five mile radius who could benefit from the Boys & Girls Club whenever it is up and running in Oakhaven.

"We were hoping we'd be able to start accepting kids January 1st in this facility," said Borello.

That timeline is now up in the air.  However, the club is already searching for a community partner who can help repair the damage.

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