Big reward offered for those who report dog fighting

Danny Taylor / Courtesy of Shelby County Jail
Danny Taylor / Courtesy of Shelby County Jail

(WMC-TV) – A man is behind bars after his pit bulls were found with fresh wounds on their faces. The wounds were consistent with dog fighting. Now, police are encouraging others to report similar crimes. If you do, you could earn a nice reward.

Months ago, a group of concerned citizens donated thousands of dollars earmarked to help crack down on dog fighting.

"We still have that money in there. I've got enough money to pay $1,000 per dog fight on the next 12 dog fights," said Buddy Chapman, Crime Stoppers.

On Sunday, officers were called to a home on Cambridge Avenue in south Memphis after someone reported dogs were fighting.

As they approached the scene, they could hear loud barks and howls coming from the back yard.

Police found Danny Taylor, 44, in the yard with five pit bulls.

In a police affidavit, it is reported the dogs were living in inadequate conditions and two of the dogs had fresh cuts on their faces.

Taylor was arrested and is now facing animal cruelty charges. Officers were not able to find proof that Taylor was making the dogs fight.

While Crime Stoppers was not used to track down this case, Crime Stoppers Director Buddy Chapman wants people to feel comfortable using the service to report illegal activities.

"I do believe there is some of it [dog fighting] still going on and I believe people know where it is. And they can get $1,000, no questions asked, if they let us know that," said Chapman.

Chapman said that locking up those who fight dogs is a secondary goal. Their primary goal is to stop dog fighting altogether.

"If we eliminate it or reduce it, regardless of the fact of whether we catch anybody, then in fact, we have accomplished something," said Chapman.

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