Teens missing for 17 hours express relief over rescue

(WMC-TV) - It was all cheers as 16-year-old Cordova High student Brandon Demge stepped out of the ambulance and met his friends and family.

"I feel good to be back," he said.

Demge said he and his friend, Landon Cross, went out fishing late Monday afternoon.

Their boat capsized and that is when the two began to worry.

"We grabbed onto a tree that we knocked over and pulled to the side and started walking," Demge said.

His shoes covered with mud from walking, Demge is lucky to be alive.

He and Landon Cross are ready to get back to normal lives.

"I feel great, I'm just ready to go home and enjoy a home cooked meal," adds Cross.

When Tennessee Wildlife Resources agents saw the duo's fishing gear around 9 a.m. Tuesday, they knew the two had to be close.

They had made their way along the Loosahatchie from Brunswick Road all the way down to Austin Peay Highway.

"Anything could have happened. There's a lot of poison snakes up and down here and where they got out of the boat to try to get to Old Brownsville Road, there are two or three big swampy areas, it would've been a tough way to go," said Andy Tweed with Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

"Oh yeah, what a night.  Stood up in a tree all night," Cross said.

It was quite an exciting night for these two.

They say they didn't even catch any fish.

Tennessee wildlife agents tell Action News 5 this story could have had a very different ending.

They want to use this story as a reminder to keep life jackets inside your boat at all times.

They say no life jackets were found inside the boat with the two young men.

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