Former Memphis homicide detective charged in wife's murder

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – It was a high profile case. The wife of a former Memphis homicide detective murdered in the couple's Nesbit home.  Several months later that very same detective is arrested and charged. Now his attorney, Steve Farese is preparing to present his defense.

"I believe 100% in my client's innocence," Farese said.

High profile defense attorney Steve.Farese says his client, former Memphis homicide detective Kelton Green did not murder his 70 year old wife. Green also has maintained he did not do it.

"This is a true who done it," Farese said.

DeSoto County prosecutors believe Kelton Green shot his wife as she sat a computer in their rural Nesbit home almost two years ago. Investigators say the shots came through a window in the home.

Neighbors could not believe it happened to a woman they describe as wonderful.

"Unbelievable because Charlotte, everybody loved her," Richard Oglesby, a family friend said. "I would say they had no enemies in the world and she was one to do anything for anybody."

Kelton and Charlotte Green were married for 52 years. Green called 911 when he says he found his wife. He told investigators he was in the bedroom of the house. Steve Farese believes Green was the target of investigators from the beginning.

"He is a convenient suspect. Because he's the husband and he was there when she was murdered," Farese added.

Farese has volumes of information he has gathered preparing for the trial including recorded police conversations with Green that Farese says will show investigators manufactured their case against his client.

Prosecutors say they are ready for trial but cannot comment.

Jury selection is scheduled for June 18th in Kelton Green's murder trial. The trial is expected to last about a week.

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